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Hundreds of matters over a nearly forty year combined period. See why we are different. 

Family law done right since 2011.

Family Law is an ever expanding area of law, but the foundation stays the same. A family situation – whether a complicated separation or relocation for employment purposes can have multiple variables. 

The legal system is based on elements and statutes, understanding these “rules,” can take multiple years of education and practice. Fortunately, at Tumarkin & Burns, P.A. we have both. 

We are here to help. 

Divorce & Separation

The end of a marriage doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help. 


Looking to move for a extended period of time? Family Law Court can be confusing – let us show you how to properly request a modification. 


Paternity can be a complicated and topic of frustration. See how we can help clarify the situation. 

Injunctions & Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence? Want to stop someone from doing something? We can guide you.

Contempt & Enforcement

Defiance of a court order in the administration of justice can be a serious concern. Let us help you. 

Guardian Ad Litem

A GAL is appointed to help protect a child’s best interest. See how we can help. 

Child Support

There are multiple factors that go into Child Support, let us help you understand them. 


Need to request changes to a family law court order? We got you.