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How does relocation work in the family law system for Florida?

Relocation is the act of moving to a new location. In the context of family law, relocation typically refers to a parent moving with a child to a new location that is more than 50 miles away from the other parent.

In Florida, a parent who wants to relocate with a child must first get permission from the court. The court will consider a number of factors in making its decision, including:

  • The child’s age and needs
  • The parent’s involvement with the child
  • The impact the move will have on the child
  • Whether the child’s relationship with the other parent can be preserved
  • Whether the move is job-related

If the court grants permission for the relocation, it will typically issue a parenting plan that sets forth the terms of the move, such as how often the other parent will be able to visit the child.

If the court denies permission for the relocation, the parent who wants to move may appeal the decision.

Here are some additional things to know about relocation in Florida:

  • A parent who moves without permission from the court may be held in contempt of court.
  • A parent who moves without permission from the court may also be liable for damages to the other parent.
  • If a parent moves with a child without permission from the court, the other parent may be able to file a motion to return the child to the original jurisdiction.

If you are considering relocating with a child, you should consult with an attorney to discuss your legal options.

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